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Welcome to Superflytri Races and Events 2015
Bilton Grange Superflytri Sprint Triathlon 2015
The Bilton Grange Superflytri Sprint Triathlon takes place on Sunday the 3rd of May 2015.  This early season pool based sprint is taking place in the magnificent grounds of Bilton Grange School. Now firmly established on the race calender with lots of very positive feedback on the event. The first swimmers will hit the 5 lane 25mt pool at 07.30 to swim the 400m = 16 lengths of the swim.  The cycle course is an all left hand turning route including the climb up Navigation Hill.  The race concludes with a 2 lap 5k run inside the grounds of Bilton Grange on grass.

Rules governing the event:

The race is held under British Triathlon Federation regulations. All competitors
should familiarise themselves with these rules which are available at
Competitors contravening rules may be subject to time penalties or disqualification. Ignorance is no defence. Terms and conditions of entry:
Competitors must abide by the rules of the Highway Code and the British Triathlon
Terms and conditions of the race (e.g. Withdrawal policy) is on the website.

Competitor conduct:

Competitors are reminded that no aggression or profanity towards other parties is
permitted and will result in an immediate race disqualification. Competitors must
observe the rules of the highway at all times during the cycle course and illegal
manoeuvres (such as crossing a white “no overtaking line”) will result in immediate disqualification from the event.
Please note that marshals are not permitted to direct or stop the traffic by order of the local police (and under British Law). Marshals will offer direction but will not offer instructions on when it is safe to enter traffic. It is up to individual competitors to decide this for themselves. Please do not take risks on the cycle route – It is safer to wait for traffic at junctions than to take a risk to shave off a few seconds from your time.

Non - drafting

This race is a non - drafting race which means that competitors may not cycle close behind other cyclists and shelter in their slipstream. Drafting marshals will be out on the course in motorised vehicles and will note the numbers of competitors breaching this rule. Infringements will be subject to time penalties or potential disqualification from the event at the discretion of the race referee. It is not required for the referee to inform competitors of this until after the event.
The drafting zone is a rectangle 7m long by 3m wide that surrounds each cycle on the course. You are only permitted to enter this zone whilst overtaking which must be accomplished within 15 seconds. If you are unable to overtake within this time you must pull back out of thee drafting zone.


All competitors must wear a helmet during the cycle. Helmets must be BSI, ANSI or  SNELL approved. Helmets must be applied and the strap fastened before removing your cycle from the racking. After the cycle course you must not remove your helmet until your cycle is racked.


It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that their cycle for the event is in a roadworthy condition and meets the requirements set out by the BTF.

Race numbers:

You will be issued with one race number that should be pinned to the back of your
shirt for the cycle; and the front of your shirt for the run. A race belt is recommended. Do not cut, fold or alter the number in any way. You will also be body-marked with a race number to ensure that your number is visible from more than one angle. You will also be issued with two stickers with your number on: one should be stuck to your helmet and one on your cycle. This is used for security in the transition area: you will not be able to remove your cycle without this number.

BTF licenses:

Please do not forget to bring your BTF licence on the day. If you forget you will have to pay an additional £5 to purchase a day licence. Non BTF members have already purchased this through their entry fee.

There is absolutely no racing without BTF license cover as this is proof of your insurance for the race.

Conduct on site:

The triathlon is run in the grounds of Bilton Grange School. Members of staff live on site, please respect their privacy.

Please do not drop any litter anywhere on the course.

Race Results

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