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High Tech Insole

Noène is a high-tech vibro-absorbent elastomer made from a unique composition of crystalline rubber micro cells. Formulated to a patented design it gives properties vastly different to normal rubber.

So effective is the composition that for most runners just 2mm thick will damp 94-98% of shock forces imparted from ground contact.

• Ultra Lightweight (lightest available).
• Low Profile.
• No need to buy a bigger shoe.
• Can be used with orthoses, spikes and racing shoes.
• Does not diminish feel of ground contact or orthotic support.
• Excellent cushioning (Elasticity).
• Unparalleled energy dispersion (Shock attenuation or damping).
• Amazing durability - far outlasts any comparable product.
• Remains stable even when wet.
• Absorbent Cambrelle lining (Absorbs twice it's weight).
• Anti-bacterial Amicor treatment of the lining.
• Competitive prices (All these advantages & no more to pay!)

Noene - Why we need protection

The impact force with which a foot strikes the ground will rebound off the surface and vibrate up through the body as an energy shockwave, affecting muscles, tendons and joints. Damage caused by these rebound shockwaves can build up over time, to such an extent that the problems like tendonitis and back pain will result.

Originally man moved barefoot over naturally elastic or cushioned terrains like grasslands and forest floors. Hard rocky areas were then avoided, unlike today when we have to endure rigid, non-elastic surfaces like concrete and asphalt that do not absorb these shockwaves, even though we now wear shoes.

The Noène story
Noène rubber was first formulated to protect sensitive electronics from vibration and developed to counter vibrations occurring in F1 racing cars, where space was limited and weight kept to a minimum. It was subsequently used to dampen the vibration of industrial machinery.

Though Noène's energy absorbtion (elasticity) is a great improvement, it's energy dispersion (damping) properties represent a revolutionary advance over those of traditional elastomers.

Laboratoire Mediadem then recognised a potential for use in footwear and, with the help of leading physiotherapists, developed their Sportline range.

Some shocking facts
Even when walking normally on tarmac, the total pressure from rebound shockwaves created by a 9.5 stone p

erson, will exceed 80 tonnes after just 1Km.

In sport the problem of hard ground is even worse and a rebound shockwave pressure of 3 to 5 times the body weight of a runner will occur with every stride taken.

This means a 10.25 stone runner will be subjected to a total rebound shockwave pressure of more than 9,300 tonnes over an entire marathon distance (42.195 Km).

1st Generation cushioning - products before Noène
Rubber based Polymer insoles, if thick enough, are effective at absorbing impact energy but will be rather heavy. Alternatively , foam rubber insoles, while light in weight , have to be extremely thick to absorb energy.

Advantages: good energy absorbtion, so comfortable to wear, you'll hardly feel your feet touch the ground.

Disadvantages: do not disperse impact energy and all the dammaging shockwaves will rebound undamped.

In recent years several biomechanical research papers have shown that energy absorbtion (elasticity) without dispersion (damping) can actually lead to amplification of the rebound energy shockwave, sometimes as much as ten times.

2nd Generation cushioning - protection with Noène
Noène is a high-tech, vibro-absorbent elastomer with a unique composition of crystalline rubber micro-cells, formulated to a special patented design, giving different properties to those of normal rubber.

These properties are such that a mere 2mm thickness is sufficient to absorb and then disperse the impact energy, from a foot hitting the ground, so that rebound shockwaves are thoroughly damped and hence neutralised.

Advantages: Will absorb and disperse impact energy, so protecting the body from 94% to 98% of rebound shockwave energy, without diminishing foot to ground sensitivity or affecting the natural rollover of the foot.
The Noène philosophy
Being very lightweight and of minimal thickness, Noène Sportline products provide a hi-tech solution to protection against the damaging shockwaves resulting from today's hardened man-made surfaces.

They are ideal for today's shoes that have an in-built comfort factor and wil not interfere with their balance or design integrity, nor impare your 'feel' for a surface.

Noène will help prevent future aches, pains and injuries as well as protecting any existing ones you may have.

The Steel Ball Test
Noène stockists can provide you with a convincing visual demonstration of Noene's remarkable properties, with the use of an ordinary ball bearing.

1. Simply drop the ball on to any piece of normal foam rubber or other insole product and although the energy is absorbed it will rebound several times. 2. Repeat the exercise on Noène for yourself and the energy will now be dispersed, with the ball hardly rebounding at all.

The Heel Test
Alternatively you can test Noène for yourself and experience the surprising difference it makes:

1. Place a Noène's sole on a hard surface and with sock removed, repeatedly tap it quite hard with your heel.
After several taps you will feel the shock on the heel alone, as most rebound energy has been dispersed
2. Then repeat the test using a normal rubber insole (or even a comfortable shoe) and you will very soon start to feel discomfort in your calf muscle or possibly even you

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