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Cycle Helmets

Cycle accessories from Catlike
Cycle Helmets; Cycling is our passion. A life dedicated to professional cycling has drove Pepe Del Romo, Catlike’s creator, and known as “The Cat” from the time he was riding in the Tour of France, to a survival instinct. This instinct has been kept alive with intensity for protecting cyclists.

Technology in the Catlike Helmets
In Mold; A process in which the hard outer shell and the inner polystyrene become one single piece, increasing the resistance against impacts and improving the diffusion of the crash.

MPS 3D; The Catlike exclusive rear adjustment system “mp3-3d” (multi posting system 3 dimensions) this system allows the adjustment of the rear part of the helmet in 3 dimensions: up-down, front-rear and open-close..

CES (crash energy splitter);design based in the concrete location of the air intakes, so that any impact will share more than one nerve, splitting the crash energy among many points and absorb it in the most efficient way. This technology allows the elimination of material reducing the weight.

Dual Flow; An exclusive Catlike design in which the big frontal air intakes are connected to large exit vents located in the rear. This makes airflow constant inside the helmet avoiding overheating.

LNP (Low nape protection);The lnp design is based in a specific lower rear structure that delivers extra protection to the back side of the head.


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